Finance for Non-finance Training: A Big Career Opportunity

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👋Hey there,

Want to help your company move the financial performance needle?

Kick off a finance for non-finance education program.

It helped our business partners connect everyday activities to the financial scoreboard.

Helping us improve company performance using operational finance.

And grow our FP&A reputations.

Tune in to learn how we did it.

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FP&A Has a Mission to Educate

Numbers are fun for some.

For others, not so much.

Demystify your company’s financial performance for those non-finance team members.

And a few things will happen:

✔️Everyone will connect their everyday activities to financial performance

✔️Your company’s KPIs (and metrics) will become a primary focus

✔️Your reputation as the operational finance guru will grow

All of the above can help drive positive financial performance.

And boost your career.

Show Notes

  • 00:20 – Educate your ENTIRE company in the language of finance
  • 01:19 – Help your company make more money = promotion opportunities 🫵
  • 02:59 – Help everyone understand the financial scoreboard
  • 05:05 – Use SMART goals to connect activities to financial metrics
  • 06:01 – Educating the masses will boost your FP&A reputation 💹
  • 06:27 – Help your leadership understand the value of finance
  • 07:06 – Know your company goals—gives people autonomy
  • 08:42 – Whitespace analysis is a great example of operational finance
  • 09:45 – Educating your company drives a ton of learning opportunities
  • 10:05 – In FP&A, it’s on you to educate the masses in operational finance

Present Financial Info with Confidence

Numbers aren’t that complicated.

So keep it simple.

Start with a high-level metric like revenue:

  • Define it
  • Tell them why it’s important
  • Explain what drives it up and down

From there you connect department activities to the underlying drivers of the metric.

🔥TIP: Here’s more info on how to present financial info.

Whitespace is an Example of Operational Finance

How can you influence financial results in your FP&A job?

Ditch the slides and spreadsheets.

Operational finance is where you take the time to learn your business.

And THEN dive back into Excel to do actionable analysis.

Like white space, which helps your Sales Team drive higher revenue.

🔥TIP: Learn more about whitespace with this case study.

KPIs (and Metrics) Help People Drive Results

What do you do after you create a kick a$$ analysis that drives certain behaviors?

You measure results and report back what you find.

Determine what results matter most by labeling them as a KPI (key performance indicator) or metric.

🔥TIP: Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting KPIs (and metrics).

Conclusion: Build Your FP&A Reputation

Educate your business partners.

Help them drive results.

And measure performance along the way.

You’ll meet a lot of people (which grows your network).

And help your company drive financial performance (which grows your reputation within your company).

What examples do you have of driving operational finance?

Share your experiences by replying to this. We read and reply to every email.

Now go have fun making an impact on your business and your career!

See you next week 👊

Drew & Yarty
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Disclaimer: This content is not investment advice or financial advice. The views expressed and stories told are our own. We may be investors in the companies discussed. Do your due diligence when considering applying what you learn.

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