Don’t Let Spreadsheets Make You Invisible in FP&A

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Do you like curling up in a nice warm spreadsheet full of lookups and sensitivity tables?

Of course you do—you’re in FP&A!

Just a heads up though, your spreadsheet can make you invisible to your business.

You can avoid this fate by leaving the comfort of Excel (or Google Sheets).

Hear how we went beyond spreadsheets and got noticed.

Listen on:

Let’s dive in.

Spreadsheets Can Make You Invisible

Excel is the primary work surface for FP&A.

Embrace Excel and excel (pun intended) at it by learning:


🔥Data tables


But spreadsheets and reports aren’t enough to get your top-notch analytical skills the attention they deserve.

Listen to today’s episode on how to go beyond spreadsheets and get seen.

Show Notes

  • 00:25 – Avoid being an invisible FP&A team member
  • 02:00 – Break the business partner ice with boomerang talk
  • 03:15 – Some people hate numbers (seriously)
  • 06:22 – Market segmentation can help you be seen
  • 08:00 – Do a cool analysis AND seek feedback
  • 09:45 – It’s on you to learn the business proactively
  • 11:52 – Cars provide inspiration for practical analysis
  • 12:24 – Closing statement—your business partners want your help

What is Going Beyond a Spreadsheet About?

Downloading, formatting, and emailing data with ZERO insights.

That’s the opposite of going beyond the spreadsheet.

There is nothing wrong with reporting.

The trick is to make the data useful via analysis.

And then sharing with people your useful analysis to spark actionable insights.

Why Does Leaving the Comfort of Spreadsheets Matter?

Your business partners desperately want your help.

You know numbers.

They know your business.

That one-two punch will ensure your company’s daily operations achieve your audacious financial goals.

Key Takeaways From You Being Seen and Heard

You will build relationships.

Those relationships could turn into future job opportunities.

🔥TIP: Here’s how to ace your next FP&A interview.

And learning about your business will help you move up the ranks or become marketable elsewhere.

You will have an impact on your company’s performance, which is great for performance-based bonus payouts.

Conclusion: Be Seen By Helping Others Do Good Work

You can have a positive impact on your business partners’ daily work.

Start small. 🤏

Ask someone in Sales, Marketing, Product, or Operations to tell you about what they do.

Be genuinely invested and curious about their work. Ask questions.

Or create an analysis and seek feedback on it.

🔥TIP: Create a customer segmentation analysis and seek feedback.

Doing these things can make you a visible FP&A team member.

And open you up to opportunities you never would have thought existed.

Keep learning and having fun.

As always, let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas we should cover by replying to this. We read and reply to every email.

Now go have fun making an impact on your business and your career!

See you next week 👊

Drew & Yarty
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