Our new podcast, “Rise Above The Numbers”!

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TLDR: We launched a podcast! Click below to learn why we started and what you can expect from us 😉

Welcome to our first podcast episode of…

“Rise Above The Numbers”

Every week, FP&HEY co-founders Drew and Yarty dive deep into world of FP&A and uncover the key insights and skills to help you grow your careers. All with a touch of humor.

These are the things we wish we knew earlier in our careers. (Don’t make our mistakes.)

Now we’re here to share them with you.

Topics include:

If you have any topics or questions for future episodes we can cover, feel free to reach out to us at “info [at] fpandhey.com”.

And if you need immediate help with your FP&A career, be sure to check out our website at fpandhey.com. We have over +40 articles plus additional resources to crush your FP&A career.

Let’s crush FP&A together. 👊


Drew & Yarty
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